I spoke with someone at an art reception about one of my paintings titled SoNAPA. I asked him if he had noticed the shadow. At first he looked puzzled but then the revelation occurred! If you haven't noticed it either I suggested you take a closer look.

On the Horizon for 2017
My plan for this year is to stay focused on my art. There are several things I'm working on at this time. One is to continue adding new paintings to the Vista 1 series. And two, is to experiment with the balance of controlled lines with free flowing brush strokes and three, experiment more with the idea of adding close up and distance in the same painting.

I'll also continue to work on paintings like 101GGB. Right now these paintings are centered around the Bay Area and California...but I could possibly add on new themes. 

A word for all of you artists, stay strong and speak your art!

Hope to see you at one of my future shows.